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Love & Compassion

Respect for Self and Others


Independence & Initiative

Honesty & Integrity

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We Are A Preschool & Children Are Our Passion

Your children will learn about themselves and things that matter to them - their family, friends, other cultures and the environment - both social and natural.

They will learn to play and work well with others, to negotiate, solve problems, respect themselves and others and show courtesy, kindness, compassion and helpfulness. They will learn self-help and independence skills - as appropriate for their age…

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Multiple Intelligences

We work with the 8 intelligences to teach all children to learn in multiple ways

All 8 intelligences are also nurtured separately. By the time your children leave PMI for primary school, they will be bilingual in English and Mandarin. 

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Musical Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal Intelligence

Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence

Naturalistic Intelligence

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We Are A Preschool & Children Are Our Passion



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Our Upcoming Events

Our super partners are back!

Speech and Drama with Drama Queen, Ms Has.

Wednesday 8 th March @ 4pm

The Visionary Art Workshop with Artist Ms Dipa.

Thursday 9 th March @ 2.30pm

Discover Nature with Master Nature Educator, Uncle Andrew.

Starting: Monday 20 th March @ 3pm.

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